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While at Mississippi College we work diligently to help our students have the best housing experience as possible. In Residence Life our motto is "Be Here. Be Home." and we strive to create a home-like experience for our students that will help them to grow holistically. We do this by creating safe places for students to have a place to study, to sleep, to make new friends and grow closer to old friends, to foster a community that is centered on the Christian faith, as well as many other areas for growth. While we believe that all of our students are able to live well with each other, we are also realistic and know that, just like in any home, conflict does come up from time to time. 

If a student is experiencing conflict with their roommate we offer a few different avenues for the student to pursue in resolving the conflict. 

Steps to resolve conflict in the proper order: 

  • Speak directly with the roommate. Discuss the issues at hand. Use "I" statements.
    Ten Steps To Resolve Conflict
  • Work with your Resident Assistant to help mediate the conversations.
    Your Resident Assistant has been trained to mediate conflicts.
  • Work with your Lead Resident Assistant to help mediate the conversations. 
    Your Lead Resident Assistant has been trained to mediate conflicts.

Resolution Possibilities: 

  • The roommates are able to resolve the conflict together and continue living together
  • After talking with the Res Life staff the students and staff decide that they should not continue living together but the student willing to move is able to wait until the official room change process begins on campus. 
  1. Fall: Two full weeks into classes in the Fall semester for all students.
  2. Spring: At the end of November all students will have the option to request a new room for the upcoming Spring semester. 
  3. New Spring Students: Two full weeks into classes in the Spring semester for NEW Spring students.
  • The Res Life staff along with the students involved believe that an immediate room change is necessary. The Assistant Director of Residential Operations will work directly with the student who is willing to move rooms to facilitate an immediate room change.