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Those interested in living in one a graduate apartment should fill out the Graduate Apartment Reservation Application.  Assignment to the apartments will be completed on a “first come first serve basis” based on the date and time of receipt application. A waiting list will be developed for those that are unable to be assigned. The waiting list will be based on the date of receipt of the completed application.

Terms and Conditions will be sent to your email. Each graduate resident will be required to read, agree to, and sign the Terms and Conditions. If you have an interest in residing in a graduate apartment, you can email Residence Life at to request a copy of the Terms and Conditions before applying.

My signature below indicates that I understand that the assignment of the apartments will be based on the date/time of receipt of this application and that I will be placed on waiting list in the aforementioned order, in the event that there are no vacancies available in the apartments. I further understand that at the time of an offer of assignment I will be required to submit more information to In addition, I understand that I must be enrolled as a graduate student at Mississippi College in order to be considered for placement.