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If you are not returning to Mississippi College for Spring 2019 please completely fill out the form below.

Not Coming Back in January?

  1. Any resident not planning to return to MC for the spring semester must notify the Office of Residence Life by Monday November 26, 2018 by 4:30pm or be responsible for a $50.00 housing administrative fine. You will notify Residence Life by completing the Google Form:
    1. If you are charged the $50.00 fine (because you failed to properly check out) the charge will be posted to your student account in late December.
  2. This includes any student withdrawing, transferring to another college, becoming a commuter, studying abroad, or graduating. (Students becoming commuters must have read and understood the Residence Life Requirement for Mississippi College.  Moving off campus will affect any institutional scholarships awarded by Mississippi College.)
  3. If not returning for the spring semester you must completely remove all personal belongings and properly check out by 9:00am Thursday December 13, 2018. If you are a graduating senior, you must be checked out by 9:00am Saturday December 15, 2018.

Intent to return to MC for Spring 2019

Click above to fill out form.

Or copy and paste link into browser:

If you are having issues accessing the the link please try the steps below:

This should help open up the link. It is showing up as you needing permission because for some reason it is not registering that your email address is logged in.