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Meal Plan Updates

If you will have at least 54 credit hours by the first day of classes you are able to select from the 19, 14 or 9 meal plans.

As a student with 54 or more credits living on the main campus, you have the opportunity to choose from one of the three following meal plans.

  1. 19 meals per week with 200 points
  2. 14 meals per week with 200 points
  3. 9 meals per week with 150 points

You will have until July 26th to select your meal plan through your housing portal. After that time you will need to email Residence Life,, if you desire to change your meal plan. You will be able to change your meal plan for the year up until August 24th, 2018. 

See below for the cost break down for each meal plan based on Premium or Non-Premium housing.

Meal Plans - Based on the 2018-2019 Academic Year  
19-meal plan $1,850/semester
14-meal plan (upperclassmen only) $1,655/semester
9-meal plan (upperclassmen only) $1,450/semester

If you will have at least 54 credits at the beginning of the semester please use the link below to request to change meal plans. 

Spring 2019 Meal Plans

Or copy and paste the link below into your web browser.

If you are having issues accessing the link please try the steps below:

This should help open up the link. It is showing up as you needing permission because for some reason it is not registering that your email address is logged in.