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Bill P. Stark

I joined the MC Biology faculty in 1976 and serve as a "field biologist" for the department by teaching Ecology, Entomology and Systematic Zoology in addition to Freshman Biology and Aquatic Entomology in the graduate program. My research involves systematics of stoneflies (Order Plecoptera) which we approach with scanning electron microscopy of eggs and reproductive structures. Current projects include collaborative studies of Neotropical, Oriental and Nearctic stoneflies with various colleagues and Mississippi College students. Many of our publications include descriptions of previously unrecognized species; as of August 2014, my colleagues and I have proposed more than 415 species and 10 generic names. A few of these names honor a celebrity for their contributions to our society, thus Diamphipnoa colberti (Steven Colbert), Anacroneuria taylori  (James Taylor) and Anacroneuria carole (Carole King)  have joined the list of valid stonefly species.  I serve on the Board of Trustees for the Clinton Community Nature Center (See link) and am co-editor for the journal, Illiesia (See link). A "stonefly of the month" calendar can be downloaded from the "Documents" section below.

About Me

I was born in California but grew up in Oklahoma (a reverse Okie) in rural Latimer Co. near the small town of Red Oak. My undergraduate degree is from Southeastern Oklahoma State University and I have a Master's in Biology from the University of North Texas and PhD in Biology from the University of Utah. My wife, Lida and I have two married daughters, Rene' Roberts (husband Joey) and Edith Kennedy (husband Chris), and two grandsons, Will Roberts and Jay Ethan Kennedy.

Class Schedule

Fall 2015

  • BIO 101 - Biology for Today
    MWF, 9-9:50, H105
  • BIO 321 - Ecology
    MWF, 12-12:50, H107
  • BIO 321Lab - Ecology Lab
    M, 1:30-4:30, H107/Field
  • BIO 401/54 - Entomology
    TR, 9:25-10:40, H107
  • BIO 401/54 - Entomology Lab
    T, 1:30-4:30, H107/Field



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