Mississippi College

Dale Rosado, Jr

Welcome to my website. You are here because you are either enrolled in one of my classes or dreadfully lost. If you are a current student, I hope you find the information and resources on this page useful. If you are lost, but find that you now have a burning passion for chemistry, please read on.

I teach a variety of courses including, but not limited to, general chemistry (CHE 141 and 142), Organic Chemistry (CHE 303 and 304), and Instrumental Analysis (CHE 410 / 5410). You'll find my syllabi and some additional course materials attached below. Please see my MCMOODLE page for additional class resources.

The research focus for my group is the chemoenzymatic synthesis of chiral 3-Aminoalcohols with potential anti-tuberculosis activity. 

Class Schedule

Spring 2012

  • CHE 410 - Instrumental Analysis
    WF, 1:30-5:30, Hederman 415
  • CHE 304B - Organic Chemistry II
    M,W,F, 9:00 - 9:50 am, MCC 402 (Germany Lecture Room)
  • CHE143 - Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry
    T,R, 8:00 - 9:15 am, Hederman 312

Fall 2013

  • CHE 303B - Organic Chemistry I
    M,W,F, 9-9:50, MCC 402
  • CHE 313 - Organic I Lab
    M,T,R, M 1:30 - 2:30, T,R 1:30-5:30, Self 210, MCC 402
  • CHE 141-4 - General Chemistry I Lab
    T, 6-9, Hed 306