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Roger Greene

Professor - Christian Studies

Photo of Roger Greene




Provine 108

Dr. Roger Greene is a Professor in the Department of Christian Studies. Dr. Greene joined MC’s faculty in 1979 and currently teaches Introduction to Old & New Testament, Exegesis in the Letters of Paul, and many Greek courses, among many others. His area of expertise is New Testament studies, particularly the study of Jesus and Paul.

The Centennial Edition of the Tribesman was dedicated to Dr. Greene. He has also been recognized as Professor of the Year by the Student Government Association. Dr. Greene is the author of three major books on the Apostle Paul—The Ministry of Paul the Apostle: History and Redaction (2019), A Theology of Paul the Apostle, Part One: Paul’s Eschatological Gospel (2023), and A Theology of Paul the Apostle, Part Two: Cross and Atonement (2023).

Dr. Greene uses his own Greek grammar in teaching Greek, and has traveled to the lands of the Bible on a number of occasions--Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy. He is a native of Natchitoches, Louisiana, the oldest town in the Louisiana Purchase, founded by St. Denis in 1714. His current favorite travel destination is his lake house located in Louisiana.


  • B.A. , Louisiana Tech
  • M.Div. , Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Ph.D. , Southern Baptist Theological Seminary